I'm delighted that my electricity consumption has dropped, and on top of that I'm earning a tax free income from the amount I generate.  I would, and have already recommended Greenwire's services.

  Mr R. from Newbury

Earn and Save with PV solar panels

Solar energy is a rewarding investment, giving you free electricity, regular feed-in-tariff payments, and a great feeling of 'doing the right thing'.  Installing solar panels means you can:

Monitor the power you generate and use see financial savings on PC, smart phone and tablet
Be in control protect yourself from rising energy bills
Improve energy efficiency generate around 60% of your annual electricity use
Reduce your electricity bills by up to 50%, or more if you use all the energy you generate
Get paid the solar feed-in-tariff subsidy


Image9Feed-in-tariffs (FITs) are payments made to homeowners for the solar electricity they generate.

The feed-in-tariff has two elements.  A Generation Payment of 4.11p* per kWh for ALL the energy you generate, and an Export Payment of 4.91p per unit for energy exported back to the grid.

In order to receive feed-in-tariff payments, your PV solar installation must be installed by an MCS (microgeneration certification scheme) accredited installer, which we are, using MCS certified parts.

Feed-in-Tariff summary

  • You are PAID FOR ALL the electricity you generate, regardless of how much you use.
  • You pay NO TAX on the money you earn from feed in tariff payments.
  • Feed in tariff payments are INDEXED LINKED TO RISE in line with inflation.
  • Feed in tariff payments are PAID FOR 20 YEARS from the date your installation is registered.
  • The RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT is around 5 - 6% per year  (see example below).
  • It FEELS GREAT to put the washing machine on and wash your laundry with the power of the sun, for free!

*NOTE: this rate applies to customers who apply to join the FIT scheme between 1 January 2017 and 31 March 2017.  FIT rates for new entrants falls every 3 months by 2-3%.

Typical solar PV installation in Newbury, West Berks

A 16 panel PV system (4kW), on a south facing, 38 degree sloping roof with no shade, in Newbury would produce approximately 3434 kWh of electricity each year.

Feed in tariff Generation payment

3434 kWh generated per year x 4.11p per unit


Feed in tariff Export payment

Assumes you export 50% of the energy generated,
back to the grid
(3434 / 2 = 1717 kWh).
The export tariff is 4.91 per kWh.
1717 x 4.91p = FIT export payment of:




Saving on current electricity bill

Assumes you use 50% of the energy generated
(3434 / 2 =1717 kWh)
to power appliances, and your electricity supplier charges
14.05p per kWh.
1717 x 14.05p = electricy bill saving of:





Total payments and savings in year 1

Example system cost £7,000

Return on investment 6%


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