Water softeners

We know our customers would like to use fewer chemicals in their homes, and save money as well.  That's why we fit Dualflo by Harvey Water Softeners - the UK's number 1 best selling water softeners.

Water Softeners – reduce carbon emissions & make your home more eco-friendly

It’s well known that without a water softener installed, hard water from the mains can cause limescale to form on household appliances eg kettles, washing machinesStainless Steel Sink image and dish washers.  But did you know the same may be happening in your heating system, dramatically reducing its overall efficiency and costing you money on extra fuel?

Most surprising is that households in a hard water area use twice as much washing powder, cleaning products, shampoo and shower gel, as a home that has a soft water supply. We know our customers would like to use fewer chemicals in their homes and on their skin, and save money as well.  

That's why many are turning to Dualflo manufactured by Harvey Water Softeners, the UK's number one water softener, and in our opinion the best quality softener on the market. Most of all we like it because it's made in Britain specifically to suit the hard water conditions experienced throughout the country.

Please visit the Dualflow by Harvey Softeners website for more details or contact us for an installation quote.

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