How to get started with Solar Panels

Experts are predicting energy price rises of up to 10% in 2017.  To date, over one million people in the UK have invested in renewable energy systems to help lower their fuel bills.  Solar panels are a great way of reducing your electricity bills.

Solar energy can save hundreds of pounds a year off your electricity billRoof without solar panels image

The amount people save on their electricity billls after installing solar panels varies quite a lot, depending on

  • how much daytime electricity they use
  • the size of the system, and of course
  • how much sunlight the panels receive.

However as electricity prices rise, the amount you save each year increases, and for higher electricity users the savings will be greater.

By completing an on-site solar survey, Greenwire Solar can provide an accurate quote, giving you a clear indication of the savings you could make, as well as your annual solar generation and any potential shading issues.

Solar Panel prices have fallen dramatically

Solar panels have a reputation as an expensive luxury, rather than a cost-effective solution to power a home, office, stables or farm building.  Partly the reason for this is because in the past they have been expensive.

Since we started installing over 5 years ago, solar panel prices have fallen by more than 50%.  It’s tricky to give an average cost for installing solar panels as every project is different. We can give an indicative cost over the phone, or a detailed quote after a site visit.

Get paid for the electricity you generate

The UK Government’s Feed-in tariff scheme is designed to encourage people to 'go solar'.  It pays you for all the electricity you generate,Solar panels how to get started image even if you use it.  And you get paid for exporting surplus back to the grid through the Feed-in Tariff scheme which:

  • is paid for 20 years
  • rises each year with inflation, and
  • is tax free.

All our quotes give a clear indication of the Feed-in Tariff payments you could expect to receive.

Be more self sufficient

Most people begrudge energy suppliers raising their prices, and many would ideally like to be more 'green' and self sufficient. Installing a solar panel system gives you more control over your future energy bills. Once installed, your solar system will not produce any carbon emissions, unlike burning fossil fuels.

Our customers say it feels great to do your bit for the environment and be more self-sufficient.  And PV monitoring systems are very popular with our customers too.

Hopefully this will give you a good insight into deciding whether solar energy is right for you.  Greenwire Solar are always happy to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Our approach has always been non-pressured, so if you’re just after some advice then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please contact us for more information about solar panels.

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