3 reasons why you should service your boiler regularly

To get the maximum performance from your boiler, most manufacturers will specify a recommended service interval.  Here's why you should stick to it.

1.  Save money on future repairs

A competent engineer will fix minor issues that, left unrepaired, could cause significant malfunctions or repairs later on.  If your boiler's regularly maintained and working correctly, you'll save money on future repairs.Thermaflow electric boiler image

2.  Avoid unnecessary disruption

In our experience, if boilers aren’t regularly maintained you may find:

  • A water leak
  • Loss of pressure and cutting out
  • Reduced hot water flow
  • Your hot water is not hot enough

You want hot water and heating without having to think about your boiler.  Getting your boiler serviced regularly will give you peace of mind  that it won't stop working and disrupt your daily routine.

3.  Be safe & efficient

You want your boiler to operate safely and efficiently in your home.  As fuel costs rise, having an efficient heating system will safe money on fuel bills.  Most manufacturers say 'regularly service' or recommend 'at least once a year'.  If you're not sure of the service interval for your boiler, check with the manufacturer.

Thermaflow boilers and Ecodan heat pumps

Ecodan Air source heat pump comptonWe service and repair Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps, and Thermaflow high efficiency combi boilers.  We're experts at resolving issues with these boilers, as well as carrying out regular maintanance visits.

Please contact us if you'd like to arrange a Thermaflow or Heat Pump service visit.

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