3 ways to check if your solar PV system's working correctly

Summer's here, so now's a good time to check your PV system's working correctly.  From May to August, we'll see 15-16 hours of sunlight a day, compared with 8 hours in December and January. Here's how to check your system's ready for the peak generation days ahead.


1.  Look at your generation meter

Check the generation meter's display is visible, & the indicator light is flashing (most have a red LED indicator light). Be sure to check during daylight when the system should be generating.

  • If the generation amount on the meter isn't increasing as you'd expect each day, there's probably a fault.
  • The more frequently the indicator light flashes, the more the system's generating.
  • If it's permanently lit during the day, the PV system's probably not working.PV generation meter location

2.  Look at your inverter

Most inverters have a green indicator light on when they're working.  Many include a display panel showing how much electricity's been generated per day so far, and what's being generated right now.

  • If there's no lights or display during the daytime, or there's an error message, it's likely the system's shut down.

PV Inverter display showing zero power generated3.  Look at your generation figure & electricity bill

Solar PV is largely maintenance-free.  But minor issues can impede power production for  weeks without you noticing.

In a study of 255 PV powered homes in the U.S, 54 had issues with their PV system. Most homeowners had no idea their PV system had a fault.

  • Your electricity bill should tell you if your system's producing expected generation.  A large, unexplained increase in electricity costs could indicate a reduction in solar power.
  • Also, comparing last years solar generation figures with this years will help spot if there's a problem.

In some cases it can be easy to determine the cause of a reduction in solar output – for example a tree growing larger and casting shade on your panels, but in many cases it's not so straightforward.

Solar Panel system fault repair and service

If you're concerned about your solar system's performance, or you've spotted an issue with your generation meter or inverter, we can help.  We service all makes of system and inverters, including commercial systems.

Please contact us for help with Solar PV system faults and service.

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