You showed an enthusiasm and passion for energy issues generally.  Keep doing precisely what you are doing, from my perspective it is a winning combination.

  Mr O. from Ball Hill

How much will it cost?

In our experience, each project is unique so we don't have a standard price for a 4kWp, 10kWp system etc.  If you contact us we can give you a price range without seeing your property, but we need a site visit to provide an accurate quotation.

Image10How long does a site visit take?

A site visit for PV solar panels normally lasts 1-2 hours.  During the visit we will complete an electronic shade survey of the potential site, inspect and measure your roof, look at your consumer unit (fuse box), and look in the loft.  We will also discuss a suitable location for the inverter, panel types, and answer any questions. Once we have all this information we will prepare and send you a quotation, normally within 5 working days.

Please contact us so we can organise a convenient time for a site visit.


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