Solar battery storage

Imagine saving surplus energy to use at night for free, and sending virtually nothing back to the grid. At last, what solar PV customers have been waiting for!

Powerwall2 side viewHow to use more clean energy

If you rarely use all the energy you generate in the daytime, and would like to become more self sufficient, battery storage is the solution.

Advances in technology combined with reductions in cost mean battery storage systems are now being designed for domestic customers and businesses.  We are delighted to be a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.

How battery storage works

When the PV system is generating electricity, the battery storage system checks if all the generation is being used to power lights and appliances. If you're not using all the electricity, any surplus will be used to charge the battery. Once the battery is full, if there is still more electricity being generated, this will be exported to the grid.

In the evening, when the panels are no longer generating, the battery can discharge the stored electricity, providing you with renewably-generated electricity at no additional cost. (Or more typically, on a day with sun and cloud the batteries will be charging and discharging throughout the day).

Once the battery is discharged, if you need to use more electricity, you can buy if from your electricity supplier. 

Here at last - Tesla Powerwall

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Tesla Powerwall is a home battery that is sleek and stylish as well as being functional.  It has a wall mounted rechargable lithium ion battery, based on Tesla's proven car battery technology.  It's fully automated, installs easily and has a 10 year warranty.

Any PV system can benefit from a Tesla Powerwall.


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How to order

You can Contact Us by email to find out more information about installing Tesla Powerwall, or to arrange a technical site visit.  Or you can telephone us on 07791 364408.


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