We would just like to say thank you for a great job, very professional from start to finish.  It is great to deal with someone who knows their stuff inside and out and who takes such pride in their work. We would have no hesitation in recommending you, and would be happy to act as a reference for future jobs.

  Mr & Mrs P. from Newbury


Here are a few of the installations we've completed recently, together with some great comments from our customers!

Testimonial image1Solar PV system size:    4.0 kWp
Panels used:   16 x Jetion 250w all black panels

Customer feedback:

"After your initial visit and quote I was far more impressed with your knowledge and service than the other quotes I had obtained.  The quality of the installation and thoroughness of the work was excellent. My suggestions on panel placement and string configurations were taken into consideration.  Being a solar energy user changes your electricity usage, the washing machine etc. now goes on at opportunistic times when the sun comes out. Yield has so far been better than predicted by around 20%, and the Immersun dumps all spare power into the domestic hot water, so saves the oil boiler coming on too often.  I would definitely recommend you, & have already done so to a work colleague".

Mr Bungay
Curridge, Newbury, Berks

Testimonial image2Solar PV system size:    4.0 kWp
Panels used:   16 x Suntech 250w panels, split between two roofs

Customer feedback:

"Initially I did some research to understand as much as I could about the technology and roughly how much it would cost. I then looked at the websites for local installers, yours was well laid out, factual and more than just a sales brochure. I felt I was able to ask any questions and get an appropriate answer, and that if there was a choice such as in the location of the inverter that I was fully involved as to the possibilities and the pro's and cons.
The quality of the workmanship is everything I had hoped for, the panels and the electrics have all been installed in a professional manner. I'm always a little concerned that the end product might not meet my expectations however in this case my expectations have been met and probably surpassed.

Communication was excellent, the whole process and schedule was very well explained and kept to. It's early days however it's nice to turn the dishwasher on in the middle of the day and feel you're getting something for free. I would highly recommend your services to any other person looking to install solar panels, and if they want to come round and look at my installation or speak with me personally I'm more than happy to oblige".

Mr Waddleton
Newbury, Berks

Testimonial image3Solar PV system size:    3.95 kWp
Panels used:  
16 x Samsung 247w panels

Customer feedback:

"My wife saw Greenwire Solar exhibiting at the Woolton Hill village market.  We'd looked at solar power before but thought it too complicated / expensive until we spoke to Paul and Louise.  Paul gave us every confidence; he's an expert in what he does.  Using Greenwire made it hassle-free for us.   Even under pressure with changing tariff deadlines Paul was calm and always had time to answer any questions we had.  Communication was excellent.  Paul fully involved us and told us what would happen and when, and it did.

The quality of the finished installation is excellent.  Paul did a really neat installation of the panels, all the connections, and the meters.  I am very particular about who I ask to do work for me and I honestly can't fault Paul and Greenwire on anything .  Paul was also flexible about fitting the work in around when it was convenient for us, which we appreciated.

It's nice to see when we're producing more energy than we're using, & it's also interesting to see the increase from December when we had the installation, as we move into the warmer longer days.  It's nice to feel a little 'green' and self sufficient to some extent".

Mr Robey
Woolton Hill, Newbury, Berks

Testimonial image4Solar PV system size:    3.75 kWp split between two roofs
Panels used:   15 x Jetion 250w black panels

Customer feedback:

"We choose Greenwire because Paul's presentation was far better than the competition and Greenwire is a local company.  Paul explained the feed-in-tariff system very clearly, and also the advantage of Immersun, (not mentioned by the competition.) The cost of our PV system from Greenwire was similar to other quotes we had.  

You took note that we did not want silver edged panels and fitted black panels as we required. They look very good and were fitted with minimum disruption to us.   You thoroughly explained each stage even indicating where cabling would go.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Paul & his colleagues on site.  You were very knowledgeable, courteous and always smiling even in the snow!!  We will definitely (and have already) recommend you."

Mr & Mrs Clarke
Highclere, Newbury, Berks

Testimonial image5Solar PV system size:    3.6 kWp
Panels used:   15 x Upsolar 240w panels

Customer feedback:

"I got your details from one of your previous customers who I know doesn't accept anything less than excellent.  Greenwire Solar came with a glowing recommendation.

The quality of the finished installation was excellent, as expected.  Paul’s attention to detail was fantastic, he’s dedicated to getting the work finished to an extremely high standard.

Paul’s communication with us throughout the installation was excellent.  We were able to make all decisions quickly and without complications.  Any issues that arose were immediately brought to my attention and resolved quickly.  I would gladly and strongly recommend your services to anyone.

I used to enjoy it when the sun was shining - now it makes me smile even more knowing that I’m not having to worry about electricity bills as much, and knowing I'm getting paid just because it's a beautiful sunny day".

Mr Howett
Tadley, Hants

Testimonial image6Solar PV system size:    3.42 kWp
Panels used:   18 x Upsolar 190w panels

Customer feedback:

"I had been considering solar panels for a while before one of my neighbours suggested I contact Paul at Greenwire Solar.    Paul’s quote offered excellent value for money, without compromising on quality or functionality.

Paul communicated everything to me very well indeed, and explained everything in fine detail.  The quality of the finished installation was exactly what I hoped for.  I can’t think of anything that could have been done better.  I would, and have already recommend Greenwire’s services.  

I am delighted that my electricity consumption has dropped, and on top of that I am earning a tax free income from the amount I generate".

Mr Jarvis
Highclere, Newbury, Berks

Testimonial image7Solar PV system size:    3.92 kWp
Panels used:   16 x Suntech 245w panels split between house & garage

Customer feedback:

"Having worked with Greenwire Solar I was aware of your extensive knowledge and professionalism. In addition, your price was very competitive and, importantly, you work with a professional roofer.

The installation was excellent, better than expected because you took the time to select the right components for a complex two roof installation, with two different types of roof tiles.   I was very appreciative of the fact that you kept us fully informed and involved in the equipment options/ decisions and progress at all times, including after sales and the FIT application process.

The personal service you provide is excellent, you don’t just install to a very high quality, you take the time to inform people about the system and technology they are investing in. I have recommended you to friends who are equally impressed.

It’s a great hassle free investment that you can actually see growing. In addition to the FIT, it has driven down our electricity usage significantly and it is really good to be able to do something for the environment at the same time".

Mr Barker
Porton, Andover, Hants

Testimonial image8Solar PV system size:    3.84 kWp
Panels used:   16 x Kyocera 240w panels, 10 panels on southern roof & 6 panels on eastern roof

Customer feedback:

"A friend of mine chatted to Paul at the Woolton Hill Village Market and gave him a glowing reference!  I contacted Paul and got a very quick response followed by a face-to-face meeting where the options were very clearly outlined and all questions I had at that time duly answered.

Paul is a very approachable chap.  There was no obligation to proceed, just a willingness to explore what was possible and go from there.  I like to use local businesses where possible because of the personalized service you tend to get, this was no exception!

The quality of the installation was excellent. The components Paul selected were a high standard, and much care was taken when positioning panels, the inverter and associated wiring to ensure we were all happy with the outcome. There was much discussion throughout to ensure we all knew what was happening.

Also, we were given a very professional and comprehensive hand-over pack upon completion that contained all you would want to know about what was installed and how it was installed.

The inverter Paul selected came with a remote monitoring gadget that allows us to easily monitor our energy production. This gets referred to a lot especially as the days become longer and the sun increases. We have found ourselves trying to make the most of the surplus electricity  generated, so the dishwasher goes on during the day rather than overnight, the washing (and tumble drying occasionally) happens during the day as well.

We are very happy with both the choice of technology and the installation. We would definitely (and have) recommended you.

From my point of view, you were a pleasure to work with; very accommodating, careful and thoughtful in what you were doing. You didn't compromise anything to cut costs.  All very happy!"

Mr Manton
Ball Hill, Newbury, Berks

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